Hotel U Královny Elišky - Hradec Králové
Hotel U Královny Elišky - Hradec Králové


Where to park?

In front of the hotel

Outside the hotel is located a small guarded parking lot. We have a limited number of places, so please book in advance. The parking fee is 200 CZK per day.


In case of full capacity, you can use one of the public car parking lots. We can store your luggage at the reception desk, meanwhile you can park your car.


We recommend using the parking lot on Large Square or the Jan Gayer Parking House.


PARKING ON large square

The nearest available parking is in the Large Square, less than 350m from the hotel. The car park is mostly recommended for overnight or weekend stays. There is no parking fee after 6pm and on weekends, all-day parking costs only 30 CZK. During the day, it' s 30 CZK per hour.


Parking fees:

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Hourly fee: 30 CZK


Night and weekend parking
One-time fee: 30 CZK




Jan Gayer Parking House

For longer stays, it is better to use the Jan Gayer Parking House, which is located 1 km (about 3 minutes by car) from the hotel. When returning to the hotel you can use the walking route (about 500m) through the park Žižkovy sady and the city walls. See map above. In this case, we definitely recommend to unload your luggage at the hotel first and then go to parking.


Parking fees:Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm
First and second hour: 10 CZK/hour
Third and each additional hour - 2 CZK/hour
Night parking (18 - 6 hod)
One-time fee: 30 CZK


More parking options

Under the city walls, around the square, there are a number of smaller public car parking areas where you can park your car. However, their capacity is limited. You always find parking fees at the relevant parking fee machine.

Free parking

If you do not want to use your car daily during your stay or you do not mind a walk, you can park your car in the parking area next to the Flošna swimming pool. This is completely free of charge and is about 1 km away from the hotel. The road is direct, you have no where to get lost.