Hotel U Královny Elišky - Hradec Králové
Hotel U Královny Elišky - Hradec Králové


City of culture, history and sport

Hradec Králové is a popular tourist destination. It has a rich history, and many architectural gems and monuments can be found here. The city and its surroundings also offer countless places for sports and fun. If you decide to spend a holiday or even a long weekend in Hradec Kralove, you won't be bored.

Cycling in the City

It is no secret that Hradec Kralove is a paradise for cyclists. The flat terrain and many cycle paths offer plenty of opportunities for leisure or active holidays. You will find routes leading around historical monuments in the city. For a recreational ride in the countryside, you can use the city forests, and more sporty types can go to castle Kuneticka hora or visit the hospital in Kuks. Places that are definitely worth a visit, not just on a bike, are listed below.


You can use Nextbike shared bikes to get around the city. Don't forget your helmet and traffic laws - and let's go! A map of Hradec Kralove cycle paths and many other useful information can be found in the Information Centre.

Singing stairs

It is a unique work of art that combines nature, music and architecture.  At the entrances to the staircase there are sensors that detect people and activate the music. The stairs playing relaxing sounds reminiscent of flute playing or the sounds produced when blowing on the neck of a bottle. After dark, the staircase also lights up in all colours.

This attraction is located right in the city's center and is next to the historic walls.


Steamboat cruise

Another attraction is a steamboat ride on the Elbe River. Steamboat cruises have been taking place in Hradec Kralove since 1998, when its founders built the steamboat just for fun. Due to the high interest in the new attraction, the steamer "Queen Eliska" was put into operation in 2004. Since then, it has carried a large number of passengers and its popularity is still growing.


White Tower

It is the dominant monument of the town, which has been there for centuries. The Renaissance tower offers a unique view of Hradec Králové and the distant tops of the Krkonose and Eagle Mountains. The Renaissance bell tower, completed in 1589, includes a bell that is the third largest in the Czech Republic. The bell, cast in 1509, weighs ten tons and rings to this day. The White Tower can also be visited during special tours at night or sunrise when the view is even more beautiful and romantic.


Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

The cathedral of the Holy Spirit is located next to the White Tower in the centre of Hradec Králové and is one of the most famous monuments in the city. The cathedral's history dates back to 1313, when the first documented references are dated. The construction of the cathedral was initiated by Queen Eliska Rejcka, who contributed to the significant development of the city. The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is 33 metres high and 56 metres long. The towers have four bells, the oldest of which dates back to 1480. The richly decorated high altar dated from 1940 was made from a canonical painting from 1585-1604.


Nearby attractions

There are many famous sights and tourist attractions in the surroundings of Hradec Kralove that you can visit during your stay. Some more traditional ones are the romantic chateau Hradek u Nechanic or the Karlova Koruna Castle. History enthusiasts should definitely visit the Archaeopark Vsestary. An exciting and varied offer is prepared in Hradec Kralove for all ages.

chateau Hradek U Nechanic

The Neo-Gothic chateau Hradek u Nechanic was built as a summer and hunting residence of the Harrach family. The original interiors introduce the visitor to the life of the nobility in the second half of the 19th century. The most beautiful room in the chateau is considered to be the Golden Hall, which takes its name from the unique gilded wallpaper made from leather in 17th century Belgium.


Hospital Kuks

Founded by Count František Antonín Špork at the beginning of the 18th century, Hospital Kuks was served as a refuge for retired soldiers. It is an important Baroque monument, the design of which was created by world-class artists, especially the architect Giovanni Batista Alliprandi and the sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun. The grounds of the Kuks Hospital are famous for the monumental Church of the Holy Trinity, the cycle of murals of the Dance of Death, the allegories of the Virtues and Vices and one of the oldest pharmacies dating from 1743.


Safari Park Dvur Kralove

Visit the giraffes and rhinos in Dvur Kralove. For those who like a different adventure, there is an evening safari drive with an African dinner and overnight stay in a bungalow or tent, which is next to the giraffe and zebra enclosures. You can also enjoy riding amongst the wild animals and the only Lion Safari in Central Europe.


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